Chas and his team came up with the B.O.N.D. method after they realized just how much of a struggle networking can be for people who don’t find conversation easy or natural.

Let’s take a closer look at B.O.N.D.: 

  • Build on Common Interests

  • Occupation Exploration

  • Needs Discovery

  • Developing Opportunities

This simple conversation funnel is a skill that can be learned. And once you learn how to B.O.N.D., you’ll find it easier to create partnerships and grow your business. The B.O.N.D. method helps you have more efficient meetings with your clients, your potential customers, and your chapter members. 

You’ll learn more about B.O.N.D. and get a chance to practice it during your week 1 chapter meetings. You can also find courses on B.O.N.D. in Master Networks University and an entire chapter on it in Five Plus One (order here with the discount code FREEFIVEPLUSONE and only pay shipping!). For more insight, you can read these posts from the Master Networks blog:

Build on Common Interests

Occupation Exploration

Needs Discovery

Develop Opportunities

Mastering B.O.N.D. will help you discover potential partnerships, create more focused meetings, and grow your business!