On a sports team, the players don’t just practice together. They don’t just go through the playbook, either -- they watch training films to improve their skills.

The training films for our Five + One Mastery program are now available HERE! We encourage you to take some time to go through all the sections. You’ll find videos that correspond with each section of Five Plus One -- Thinking, Targeting, Tracking, Timing, Team Building, and the Master Skill. 

You’ll have access to the Manifesting Millions Mastermind, a Digital Marketing Course by Jason Wilson, recordings of CONNECT 2018 and CONNECT 2019, and the Motivational Minute (it’s a great way to start your day!). And we’ll keep adding more great content, just like we will to your Playbook. 

All of our coaching calls will be archived in the Mastery Academy too. They are listed under Coaching Call Archives. So if you missed last week’s call, make sure you check it out before our call on Friday. We know that your lives are hectic, and that sometimes the unexpected happens. That’s why we record every single Mastery call -- we want to keep you in the loop!