You’ve heard of those other networking groups, right? They definitely provide a different networking experience, and they are nothing like us.

What sets us apart? Affiliate rewards.

PLEASE tell me that someone told you about affiliate rewards when you signed up! I hope 90% of you just nodded your heads.

For the 10% who aren’t nodding, here’s a quick breakdown.

You love Master Networks. The energy you experience in your chapter meetings keeps you coming back for more and more and you know JUST the right person to share it with. 

So that person signs up. Hurrah! But what’s even better is when they name you as their sponsor.  A sponsor is the person that was most influential in a Master Networker’s decision to join Master Networks.

As a sponsor, you’ll earn $10 every month that you AND the person you sponsored are Master Networks members in good standing. TEN DOLLARS.

Now imagine if you sponsored 5 people. That’s $50! And what are dues every month? $49.95. You could be networking for free, my friend! 

You can earn much more than that, of course. I’ve heard of people making their car payment with their affiliate rewards. Isn’t that COOL?

And it gets better. If you sponsor someone who decides to get an annual membership, you get $100 right then and there. If they renew their membership the next year, you get another $100. Please do note that affiliate rewards for annual memberships only pay out once a year.

So, that’s affiliate rewards! As long as you and the person you sponsored are members of Master Networks, you get paid. We’ve paid out over a million dollars in affiliate rewards so far. 

Over $1,000,000. True story. That’s a lot of zeroes!

Want to know a secret? We really like doing it. As Chas always says, we want partners, not prisoners. 

So what’s stopping you? Who are you going to sponsor next?