One of our favorite questions is, “How do I join Master Networks?” It’s pretty simple: Go to and click on that big blue button. Yes, that one that says “Become a Member”.

You’ll fill out an application and turn it in. Make sure you answer all the questions to the best of your ability, and definitely be sure you put yourself in the right region. You don’t want to commit to going to meetings in Florida when you live in Minnesota!

There is a one-time application fee of $200 plus your first month’s dues of $49.95, so your total bill will come to $249.95. If you’re choosing our annual membership option, it will be the $200 application fee plus $499.50, so your total will be $699.50. If you want to upgrade to an annual membership, go to the Back Office and click on the My Account tab. The upgrade option is in the upper right hand corner. 

So what will you get when you join Master Networks? You’ll be able to participate fully in your chapter meetings, showing off your carefully crafted sound bite and showcase. You’ll have access to Master Networks University and all the training included there. And you'll have access to our national database, DirecTrack, where you can also track your face-to-face meetings and ROI. 

When you join Master Networks, you’ll get an email inviting you to take on the 30-Day Game Plan.  The 30-Day Game Plan is pretty simple -- get three other people to join Master Networks and name you as their sponsor, watch all the orientation videos in Master Networks University, all within your first 30 days, and you’ll receive $200. And will you look at that? Your application fee was $200. 

In fact, if you complete the 30-Day Game Plan AND sponsor five people, you’ll be networking for free, my friend. Let that sink in.

So what’s required of Master Networkers when they join? When you sign your membership agreement, you’ll be signing our Commitment to Culture. In there, you’ll make a few promises about showing up on time every week to your chapter meetings and how you’ll conduct yourself with fellow chapter members. It all comes down to integrity and commitment. 

What about finding a chapter to join? Go to and scroll down! Just after you read about the benefits of Master Networks, you'll see the searchable map where you can find a chapter near you.  

If you can’t find a chapter near you, well, that’s a whole different question! Click HERE to learn more.