When people think of Master Networks, the first thing they think of are the chapter meetings. They come with the expectation of receiving referrals and stay for the relationships they develop! 

Master Networkers participate in a weekly, one-hour meeting that starts on time and ends on time. It’s guided by a rotating agenda, and PowerPoints for those agendas can be found in the Hub (Resources>Monthly Meeting Resources).


The rotating agenda changes things up every week. One week is focused on B.O.N.D. training, another on showcases, another on five + one training, and so on. There’s a pattern, and the content is on a three-year rotation. 

The first week of the month is always focused on The Master Skill -- B.O.N.D.-- going in depth on each aspect of B.O.N.D. The second and fifth weeks are focused on the disciplines covered in five + one, covering an aspect of one of the disciplines in more detail. The third week is all about working on those leadership skills. And the fourth week covers personal development.

It’s important to note that the training for the second and fourth weeks are provided by each chapter’s leadership. This way they can meet the specific needs of their chapter. There is a list of potential training ideas available in the Hub, and all sorts of training can be found in Master Networks University, which is the foundation for the weekly training for weeks 1, 3, and 5.  (See article: Training Tidbits)

In every meeting, members will share a sound bite. A sound bite is a short statement that briefly describes who you are and what you do. The information should be intriguing enough to encourage people to engage with you and ask follow up questions. There are a couple of different ways to prepare it so you can be ready for any situation. There’s a PDF on sound bites attached below!

During Weeks 1, 3, and 5, you’ll be able to present a longer sound bite, up to a full minute. This sound bite should include an introduction, a hook, what your ideal client is, and a quick wrap up. 

Weeks 2 and 4 give you the opportunity to present your shorter sound bite, which can simply be your introduction and your tagline. 

Weeks 2 and 4 are also a time for chapter members to present their showcase. A showcase is your opportunity to take ten minutes to present yourself and your business to your chapter. It should include:

  • Your background

  • Your business’ background

  • Success stories

  • Call to action

A showcase always better if you have practiced and prepared, and if you include an element of fun to engage your chapter members. See the attached PDFs below -- there’s a worksheet to help you develop your showcase! 

The weekly agenda breaks down something like this:

  • The chapter president welcomes everyone to the meeting, and introductions are made.

  • The chapter listens to the week’s Training Tidbit, read by Chas Wilson or Dave Jenks.

  • This part changes every week -- it can be soundbites and introductions or showcases next, depending on the week.

  • Then comes the training, based on the Training Tidbit from earlier.

  • There is always time after the training to pass referrals, give testimonials, or express appreciation for the meeting.

  • Special announcements come next! If your chapter is using the provided PowerPoints, there is usually a We Are Master Networks video near the end.

  • And then the president closes the meeting!

If you’re interested in having your own copy of Training Tidbits to refer back to during the week, you can purchase it HERE.

Chapters agree on a chapter president, who is responsible for leading the chapter and making sure that the model is followed. They open and close the meeting and make sure to stick to the agenda. (See article: Chapter Leadership

Each chapter has exclusive categories, which means that there is only one person per seat in a chapter. A vertical is the specialty that a certain business can serve.

If you find you can’t make it to your meeting one week, you can enlist the help of a substitute. In fact, there’s a running list of substitutes right in the Hub! If you go to Members in the blue menu bar, click Members in the drop down menu, and click the “Substitutes” button under the drop down menus and select "My Region" in the appropriate drop down, you’ll get a running list of willing volunteers who can’t wait to give your sound bite for you!

Once you’ve attended a chapter meeting, you’ll understand just how much energy is in the room every week! We love the unique connection among Master Networkers, and we know that practicing B.O.N.D. turns those connections into long-term, trusted relationships.

Scheduling face-to-face meetings (F2F) is a way to build on those connections. Face-to-face meetings allow for a greater use of B.O.N.D. (read about B.O.N.D. here!), and more importantly, you get to make a new friend, a friend who trusts you and will refer you to their friends. That road goes both ways, of course. 

There are also the chapter leadership teams. People who serve on leadership teams are invaluable and visible, and reliable leadership team members often see an increase in ROI as a result. Being on a leadership team will also help you develop skills that you may not have even known you had!

Being a referral-giver can also increase the value of your membership! In a study done two years ago, the top three referral-givers reported the greatest ROI in their chapter. 

There you go! This is our in-depth look at Master Networks chapter meetings. If you have any other questions, please feel free to peruse the rest of our Chapter Meeting FAQ or email support@masternetworks.net